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06 April 2009

Lulu the Lamb Finally Found Her Home

Some of you may remember this post where I blogged about the various "cravings" I was having...and a certain Lulu the Lam Stuffed Chair that was pretty much out of my reach. The only Babystyle store was closing and only a few of the brick and mortar sores were still up and running. I found one, about 3 hours south, that had a Lulu and had begged my friend Michele to ask her boss to pick one up for me since it was very close to where he lived.

I swear, I bugged Michele every day for a week straight, and I kept getting the "Amanda, you need to chill out!" line in return. So, I tried to be the cool, laidback friend who wasn't ever-so-slightly obsessed with this stuffed chair. And, as a guessed it, they sold out of the chair by the time he went to pick it up.

I'll admit it, I was bummed. But, I think Michele was even more upset than I was. She really wanted to give Lulu to our Baby Girl. I checked and rechecked ebay, craigslist and the Babystyle website. And, you know what I learned? Persistency pays off! One day, a couple weeks ago, I noticed that the website had a new posting that said some of the inventory from the warehouse had been shipped to the remaining stores. So, I called up the store and found out that they had gotten a few more Lulus in. This time, I wasn't going to be laidback or cool. And, neither was Michele. She called up her boss and told him to get down to the babystyle store IMMEDIATELY. He promised he would get there before they closed that evening. He actually got there five minutes after it closed, but acted like a crazy man beating on the door until they let him in. But, he got it...which means, so did I!

We met up with Michele on Sunday and I couldn't wait to get home to put it in the nursery. It looks SO cute in there. And, in true form, we had to test it out with Magnum.

Oh, but I didn't stop there! Shortly after this I tortured him some more by giving him a shower and clipping his toenails. But, don't fear, Faithful Followers, he was handsomely rewarded with about 4 tablespoons of peanut butter and 3 Ruby Trout filet skins....AND, he got to warm himself up by the fire!

A big thanks to Michele (and her boss) for outfitting the nursery with LULU. I know our little one will love it!!


Marissa said...

Ah, the cravings (and yes, there are non-food pregnancy cravings for those who didn't already know) of a pregnant lady! Haha! Glad you got your chair. Any signs of little baby girl making her entrance?

Lauren said...

I'm so happy you finally got your chair!!! It is SO cute too- and no matter how sweet Mags looks sitting in it, it will look that much sweeter with Peanut!

And Magnum should relish these moments with you- bath and nail clippings or not- because in a week or so you'll have your new baby to tend to!!!

Mom Cooper said...

Only one thing missing from the nursery. Can we all guess who that mignt be???? I'm sure baby girl senses her LULU chair is in place and therefore will soon make her appearance.

I never knew waiting for a grandbaby could be so exhausting, ok,ok it's not all about me!!


Jillian said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE! And again I do my evil maniacal chuckle at the thought of precious Magnum having to secede his royal spot to a new baby. I wait with baited breath the details of his transition.

PS. In case I haven't told you yet, I turn into a very evil pregnant lady at the end. Much the opposite of you.

Amanda said...

Haha - MOM, you ARE so impatient!!! I'm surprised YOU aren't eating the "labor salad" too, just to try and help me go into labor! I wish I knew when she was coming, just so I could have the plan set, but I don't, so we are just playing the waiting game.

Mom Cooper said...

I'm eating some of your favorite "Moose Munch" mix right now does that count????? BTW if I have to hear Lil or Scott sing one more time I may go into labor myself!!!!


Unknown said...

PLEASE HELP ME! I want this chair SOOOO bad and can't find it anywhere. I found someone selling it in pink but I need the cream to go with my I'm waiting for the suprise to find out the gender so Pink may not go. PLEASE HELP


Desperately seeking lulu