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25 March 2011

Friday Photos

I am currently about 100 pages into Lincoln Lawyer and it is sooo good.  {It doesn't hurt picturing Matthew McConaughey as Mickey when I read either.}  Mom finally got Olivia to sleep {oh how things change when you are on a trip} and all I want to do is curl up with Matthew, err, I mean Mickey.  But, I also need to share some of these pictures with you, so bear with me as I just post pictures and captions.

In the last two weeks, I've purchased Olivia 4 new pairs of sunglasses.  But, I've spent less than $20 total.  Can we say obsessed?

Puppy love.  Or just another little thing she can boss around.
No Peyton.  No barking, Peyton.
But the cutest is when she squats down, gets right in his face and says, Hey Peyton.

Love that sweet face.  
Would love it even more if she looked at the camera every once in awhile.


Poppy built Olivia a play house out of a huge cardboard box.
What a sport Poppy was to climb in that box and play house with her.

Poppy playing in the Ryder Cup this afternoon.
Let's kick some Canadian ass.

Without a clip in her hair, Olivia pushes her bangs out of her face at least 50 times a day.

How amazing do these look?
My dad built a huge outdoor grill and made grilled chicken and veggies for supper.

He totally is.

Happy Friday from the Valley of the Sun!


Poppy said...

Awesome pics sis. She is so cute in every pic! And a special thanks to you and Ryan for coming out to watch dad in the Ryder Cup.

Mom Cooper said...

This has been an awesome week with you all here. Olivia still amazes me with all she knows. Her vocabulary is so impressive. I love every minute with her.

Irma said...

Now that is a real who does not hesitate to play with his granddaughter in her play house...and one he built for her!LOVE IT!

David said...

Thanks for the quick picts Amanda. Now go back to your Matthew.