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05 March 2011

Makin' a Mess

Last Friday night, our friends Sarah and Doug {Kendall's parents} invited us over for taco night and some playtime fun.  For the rest of the week, I have been wanting to have those tacos again!  Sarah emailed me all the information for the tacos and I invited our friends Ken and Katie to come down tonight to share in the yumminess.  {If you haven't tried the Corn and Chile Tomato-less Salsa from Trader Joe's, you are really missing out!}

While I was chopping up lettuce and tomatoes, Olivia was busy making a mess playing in the playroom.  I kept going back to check on her every few minutes {David was working in his office right next to her} and watched the playroom get messier and messier.  On my final trip into the playroom, my eyes immediately landed on an envelope and pen on the coffee table streaked in red.  I looked over and saw the red ink pad that we used on Valentine's Day to stamp her handprints on the card for her daddy.  I had stored it in a cabinet that we never get into and never would have thought she would have grabbed it.  I saw that her hands were covered in ink and immediately looked at our couch to make sure there weren't handprints.  That appeared clean, so I kept scouring the room for red.

My sweet girl had grabbed her Valentine's card off the magnet board to put more handprints on it.  She's so smart.  Messy, yes, but smart.  Thank goodness for the Magic Eraser though.  It cleaned those prints right off the wall and the table.

While I cleaned up, David entertained Olivia with his recorder.  She was actually able to make some sounds come out and she got so excited afterwards.  She kept saying, Olivia did it!!  {Picture overload ahead - I just couldn't help it.  She's so darn cute when she laughs!}

That's a bruise on her leg and a ton of red ink!

And, Katie is totally going to kill me for this, but I made sopapillas* tonight for dessert and needed her to model the food for me.  It took quite a few takes to get her to smile seriously!  But, for real, these sopapillas are TO DIE FOR!  I usually try out different desserts when they come over for dinner, but they've requested these twice since I first made them for us.  Yeah, they are that good.

Don't worry, Katie was handsomely rewarded with two pieces for putting up with my crazy flash.

Hope you are all having a mess-free, dessert-filled weekend!
Happy Saturday from the Central Coast!

*We use reduced fat cream cheese, half the butter, and less cinnamon sugar on top to make it a little less unhealthy.

1 comment:

Mom Cooper said...

This little incident with Olivia should be proof enough you can't have too many "Magic Erasers" on hand. So glad she didn't get anything on the couch.

Katie is looking so cute holding those sopapillas.