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03 March 2011

Pretty Sure These Won't Be Making it Into the Photo Album

So, I have this friend named Maren.  I've blogged about her before - her daughter is friends with Olivia and she's also taken pictures of our family and on more than one occasion.  She's a pretty fabulous photographer who always manages to make me look pretty good.  She's definitely got skills.  But, she's also got a mouth on her.  Not that she's throwing out f-bombs left and right (because I don't think she has ever said that word in front of me), but she sometimes says things that, if you didn't know her, could be taken the wrong way.

A couple times in the past, I've asked Maren to take a picture with my camera (a Canon Eos Rebel XS - I think- a digital SLR) and she won't do it.  She always says things like, "I can't take a better picture with your camera than you can because you have a #$%^^& lens," or "I don't take pictures with crappy lenses."  So, okay, I don't ask her anymore...and because I can (because she really, really likes me AND my baby), I give her a hard time about it.

So, this morning, I walk into the Children's Museum for our playdate and instantly pull out my camera.  Except this time, I have a different lens on it.  It's a macro lens that my sister-in-law recommended David get me for Christmas a couple years ago.  Instantly Maren was all, "When did you get that good lens?"  I was so proud of myself for having a non-crappy lens on my camera that I instantly moved into position to take some pictures.  After a few snaps and no results (and this for sure won't surprise my husband), I realized that I had left the camera card in the computer from working on last night's blog post.  Will I ever learn?  Probably not, so thank goodness for cell phones.

Happy Thursday from the Central Coast!


David said...

It looks like you had a great time! I'm glad I got to see the pictures, even if they were crappy. ;)

Marissa said...

What a great museum. I need to take the kids to the children's museum over on the other side of Portland. I hear it's a great one. And what lens did David get you? I remember talking to him about it a while back but don't remember which one I was telling him about. I love photgraphy and the right lens really will make a difference!

Mom Cooper said...

Lens or no lens I love the pictures you took with your phone. She has such sweet playmates.