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02 March 2011

Birthday Cookies

With gas prices at almost $4/gallon, we are limiting the number of trips we take up to San Luis.  We were up there yesterday for a fun play date so we skipped Boo Boo Records this morning and stayed home instead.  Never fear, we still managed to have quite a bit of fun, especially in the kitchen.

I saw this recipe for chocolate chip cookies yesterday and knew we'd be making them this morning.  What I didn't expect was for Olivia to want to eat them before they were even baked!

She did actually hold the mixer, but took her hands off when I snapped this picture.

She kept making this face every time I pulled the mixer out of the bowl.

Yep, I gave her a little bit.

And then I gave her a little more.

Today was also my dad's birthday, so we made a few little videos for him.  Happy Birthday, Dad! You can see them here and here.  And, while you're at it, check out this one where she gobbles asparagus like it's the last food on the planet!

It was also Dr. Seuss' birthday today, so we did a couple Cat in the Hat coloring activities.  Last summer I found a ton of Dr. Seuss stuff in the dollar bins at Target so I pulled out some stickers, some Dr. Seuss markers and printed off some Seuss printables and we went to town.  I also pulled out a Cat in the Hat hat that I got in a package from Michael's, but Olivia refused to wear it.  Next year, maybe.

With mornings like these, I'll gladly stay home with her any day of the week.  

Happy Wednesday from the Central Coast!


Mom Cooper said...

Olivia is one blessed little girl to have you as her Mommy. You are creating such good memories for both of you. I love you both so much.

David said...

Happy birthday Poppy and Dr Seuss!

Irma said...

The most precious things in life are not things...and they don't cost any money. XOXO to Olivia.