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22 March 2011

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

When Olivia and I come out to visit Mom and Dad, we share the guest room.  Technically, her Pack N Play is in a little nook in the room {aka the walk-in closet}, but we are pretty much in the same room.  When I come into the room at night after she's already been sleeping for a few hours, it is SO hard for me not to scoop her up and bring her into the bed with me.  {It's especially hard when David isn't here and I don't have anyone to snuggle with.}  It always sounds like a good idea in my head even though I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt how it is going to turn out - neither of us ends up sleeping well and she wakes up at least an hour before her normal wake-up time.  Last night, despite knowing what the outcome would be, I barely fought off every urge to have her sleep with me.

And so when she started fussing and calling for me in the middle of the night, it took me NO time to jump up and rescue her.  Let me just tell you how that played out...

1:23  Olivia wakes up and calls for Mommy.
1:24  Mommy brings Olivia into the bed and cuddles up with her.
1:26  Olivia has been laying still for two minutes and Mommy thinks to herself, Wow, this might actually be okay.
1:27  Mommy gets slapped in the face.  {Accidentally, of course.}
1:28  Olivia gets settled again for another two minutes.
1:30  Olivia sits straight up and asks for water.
1:32  Sippy cup is officially drained.
1:35  Three minutes of tossing, turning and searching for Mommy's Do Not Disturbs.
1:38  Olivia starts crying for milk.
1:40  Nana to the rescue.

I'm pretty sure Mom rocked her for a good fifteen to twenty minutes or so before she convinced her to get back in her crib.  Thankfully, she slept until almost 8 this morning and is taking a nice long nap this afternoon.

And, tonight, when I have the urge to scoop her up again, I'm going to come back and read this blog post.  And if she's still fussing when I'm done, I'm going to just fast forward and get my mom.

{From a few weeks ago}
See how sweet she is when she sleeps?

Happy Tuesday from the Valley of the Sun!


Marissa said...

Haha! This literally had me laughing out loud! :) I guess it's funnier when it's not happening to you. Love you. :)

Irma said...

She has her Dad AND you wrapped around her finger...but then I don't know of many children who don't! LOL!