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28 March 2011

It's a Zoo Out There

We made our second trip to the Phoenix Zoo today and it was just as wonderful as the first!

I guess Dad's hand is where my face should be!

The 80 degree weather made for a gorgeous day and we all managed to get a little sun.

Some of you may remember this little ditty that my brother did after our last zoo visit.  Well, he had a little more fun today.  Check out the newest movie trailer here.

Happy Monday from the Valley of the Sun!


Mom Cooper said...

A fun day was had by all even if Poppy and Olivia did not quite get the Camel ride completed. OK, they didn't even get it started. Poppy got on, Olivia barely got on and then in a blink of an eye they were both off. Maybe next year!

It was fun watching Uncle Ryno film Olivia's latest adventure.

Irma said...

Peter and I LOL at the video. It brought us joy and laughter! Such a budding little star/spy! James Bond has nothing on Olivia!