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04 March 2011

Sniffle Sniffle

My sweet precious little girl kept me up until 5:00 in the morning last night.  If she wasn't so miserably sick, I might have been mad at her.  But, I wasn't.  It's not that she's even sick.  She doesn't have a fever or anything - she just has a runny nose and a tiny bit of a cough, but the poor girl could NOT get comfortable last night.  We put her to bed around 8:30 and just as I turned off my light at 10:15, she was rolling around and crying.  I tried rocking her, but realized my bony chest was not a comfortable pillow for her.  David helped me bring her into our bed and she seemed to crash almost immediately, making sure she had ahold of each of our hands.

Sadly, she only stayed in that position for about ten minutes before she moved into another position.  Any guesses on how long she would stay in that one?  Yep, no more than ten minutes in any position.  She was sideways, on her belly, laying across my chest, feet in my face, and my personal favorite {insert sarcastic voice here}, with her hand squeezing on my Do Not Disturbs!  She even tried to hold conversations with me, letting me know that Daddy's sleepin' or Magnum's scratching.  I tried several times asking her if she wanted to move to her crib, but nope, she was staying put.  Around 5:00 this morning, she said, Crib! Crib!  And, it did not take me more than 2 seconds to scoop her up and get her back to bed.  She happily slept until around 8:30 this morning - although it is very well possible that I was so crashed out that I didn't hear her if she did fuss and whine.

We ended up staying home from class as not to infect any of her little friends with germs and instead feasted on yummy homemade buttermilk blueberry pancakes.

After this little mess, I put her in the tub and she splashed away for over an hour.  I'm hoping she feels better tonight.  She was one worn out little girl today and I am one tired Mama.  Thank Heavens it's the weekend!

Happy Friday from the Central Coast!


Serenity Now said...

I've been reading your blog since you were pregnant although I rarely comment - but this morning I am drinking lots of coffee and catching up on some blogs because we had the SAME night with our little man! I'm feeling sympathetic, it's SO hard when they don't feel good and can't get comfortable but you can't make it better :(
Good luck tonight!

Mom Cooper said...

I don't like it when my poor grandbaby doesn't feel well. I know you don't either because you have to deal with it. Hope you all get a better nights sleep tonight.

xoxoxo to Olivia from Nana