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28 April 2011

Our Baby is TWO!

Somehow {and I want to curse time for making it happen} this little baby has turned into a full-blown toddler.

To say that time has flown is an understatement.  To say that she is the best thing to ever happen to us would be an understatement too.  Our life has been flipped upside down and barely resembles the carefree life we had a few years ago, but you know what?  I wouldn't want it any other way.  She is truly a blessing to David and me.  And we love her so, SO much.

Much of the characteristics we saw with Olivia when she was younger still hold true today.  She does NOT like to be messed with, she is overly curious, loves the water, is incredibly smart ... and, well, she's pretty darn cute too.

Easter egg hunt -- look at those braids!

She was way more interested in the playground equipment than 
the plastic eggs scattered all over the ground.

Olivia is learning new things each day.  She can recite her ABC's and knows about 5 letters.  She knows the sounds that the letters make and can come up with words that begin with those sounds.  She can count to 14, but her favorite number is four.  {Whenever there are multiples of certain things, she will say, "Four kitties," or "Four babies."}  Thanks to her Nana, she can now sing Jesus Loves Me by heart.  

Olivia is just as happy wearing her pajamas all day as she is getting all dressed up.  But, she definitely loves her shoes!  When her daddy gets her dressed, he lets her pick out her own clothes and accessories - sometimes she comes out looking super cute and other times she is more of a hot mess.

One outfit she LOVES to put on is her swimsuit.  She had a blast this past week in Arizona going to the swimming pool each evening.  Once she was in, it was difficult getting her back out.  We were amazed at how brave she was in the water.  She would jump to David or to my dad and one time she even jumped onto a "noodle" thinking it would hold her up.  Whenever her face went under water, she wouldn't freak out and even held her breath once.  She is a water baby for sure.  {Cue photo overload.}

David is only holding on to her legs - she is using all of her upper body strength to "swim."

Pure JOY!

Look at that brave little monkey!

I would definitely say that Olivia has entered the "two" stage.  She is extremely independent and is not a happy camper when things don't go her way.  It is a blessing in many ways that she is so verbal, but it also works against her {errr, us really} in that she says what she WANTS ... and what she wants isn't always what she needs or should have.  The other day I was pulling out some veggies out of the freezer to fix for Olivia's lunch and she spotted the rest of her ice cream cake.  For the next two minutes, she screamed, "Happy birthday cake!!  Olivia wants some happy birthday cake."  

It also seems that Olivia doesn't forget anything we tell her.  The night before her birthday, we allowed her to open some of the {zillions} of presents and told her that she could open more the next day.  As soon as my mom got her up the next morning, she said, "Presents!"  She has been on a presents kick for the last couple of weeks.  She opened up all of her birthday presents and even helped me open many of mine.  She also had three Easter baskets to open.  {Unfortunately, I only got a picture of the basket I made for her....sorry Nana and Grandma Irma!}

Olivia loves to be outside -- she could swing or chase after bouncy balls for hours.  Today she asked if we could have a picnic lunch outside.  How do you say no to that?  Especially when you have a cute little butterfly table {thanks Grandma and Poppa} to sit at.

She is equally as happy being inside and looking through books.  For her birthday, my friend Jill got her a Little Golden Book called Little Mommy.  I have probably read the book to her ten times.  She woke up today asking me to read it to her.  {By the way, I LOVE having her sit on my lap so I can read books to her.}  Then, I had her read the book to me.  She flipped through all the pages and described each of the pictures...even using some of the same words in the book.  She is like a little sponge!

Outside Windmill Farms with her Nana and Poppy.

These last two years have been wonderful.  Olivia has enriched our lives so much and we couldn't feel more blessed to be her parents.  While these two years have flown by {and I would love to figure out how to freeze time or at least slow it down}, I really do look forward to all that our future with Olivia brings.

My sweet girl cuddled up with me right before the Easter egg hunt.

You may be two, Olivia, but you will always be my baby girl.
Happy Birthday, Baby.


Mom Cooper said...

I know exactly what you mean Amanda. You are a grown woman with a baby of your own, but you are still MY baby girl.

Olivia is a precious, precious little girl and I too can't wait to see what else she has to bring to enrich our lives. I love her more than I ever thought possible.

Amanda thank you so much for sharing your experiences with Olivia through this blog. What a great gift to help Olivia remember her "growing up" years.

Poppy said...

This was a really special Easter for us and we're so glad you all were here with us this past week. Olivia is sooooo special, I just love her to pieces. We had a great time together hanging out while you girls went to the movies. Love it so much.

Marissa said...

What a wonderful tribute to your sweet little girl. She just gets cuter and cuter every time I see her. And those braids? Dying! :) Glad to see you on the blog too this time. :)

David said...

Amanda, thank you for being such a great family historian. It's comforting to be able to look back and see our lives through pictures and narrative. Olivia has grown up so much in these last 2 years, I worry I will forget what she was like as a newborn.
I look forward to each new day, excited to see what she will learn and do next. Keep that camera ready!