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02 December 2011

Advent Calendar: Days 1 & 2

Yesterday was the first day of our advent calendar and after Olivia woke up from her nap, she was able to check what was inside the Day 1 pocket. It was a little Hello Kitty stamper. She loves the little stampers and already has several so this was nice to add to her collection. And, of course she had to get right to it!

Before bed she selected her book (the one on top, the one she had been trying to open all week) and it was Silent Night...that's not so silent since it plays music. I'm not even sure I was able to read it without her hitting the button and hearing the music over and over.

Hello my name is Amanda and I'm addicted to Instagram photos.

David let her sleep with the book and, no joke, she played it over and over for at least 30 minutes. In fact, this morning the battery was dead. David just replaced the batteries so I have a feeling she'll do the same again tonight.

This morning, she pulled out a little note out of the advent calendar that said we would be decorating a gingerbread house at Nana's. So after a quick stop at the store for some supplies, we were off to decorate (and eat).

(I have better pictures from my phone that I hope to post tomorrow, but I wrote this post from my phone if you can believe it and am just on my computer adding the pictures before I go to bed.)

Tonight's book was Christmas in the Manger. I don't think she gets that she can choose any book she wants because she went for the very next one in the stack. Luckily, this one doesn't play music!

Our elf has been very busy today and has made an appearance all over the house. She napped again with him in her room so I have a feeling he will be there every day until Christmas!

This morning we did have an incident where she got a little carried away and touched him. He was in her toy car and she was rolling him back and forth and just went for it. The second she did it she ran to me in the kitchen sobbing!

We watched the show again tonight and there is a part where the older boy in the family touches the elf and he falls to the ground. As the scene was beginning, Olivia shot up from her little chair and ran to the hallway where she couldn't see the tv and didn't come back out until he was flying back to the North Pole. Such a sensitive little thing.

Oh, and another funny elf story... In the book it says that you may hear a bell when he flies back home at night. So while David was putting her to bed, I grabbed her jingle bells from her music kit and gave them a ring. David said she moved so fast and ran out the door chasing after me. Yeah, I totally got busted!

We have big holiday plans for the weekend with a parade and the lighting of the tumbleweed tree. And if we are lucky, we will get our tree decorated and our lights up outside!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
Happy Friday from the Valley of the Sun!


Irma said...

That is it! I am coming to your house next year for Advent...I want my own Advent goodie calendar. You are so creative with your children. They are lucky to have such a wonderful mother.

Mom Cooper said...

Irma, I couldn't agree more. I ask Amanda the other day if she remembered any thing special that we did at holidays when she and Ryan were little. She mentioned a few things but let me tell you I was never as clever or as creative as she is. The girls are blessed to have her as their mother.

I look forward to see where Bunky has been too!