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01 December 2011

Desert Breeze, Makes Me Feel Fine...

I wanted to try and get this post out last night, but it was sort of a hustle and bustle getting some very special things done for this morning and so this sort of fell by the wayside.  If I'm a lucky girl today and Olivia decides to nap for only the second time this week, then I just may be able to get two posts out today.  This one and the other about our special morning.  Will you cross your fingers with me?  Because I really need her to nap.

So, after our yummy Thanksgiving feast on Thursday afternoon, we pretty much relaxed for the better part of the evening.  Mom, Dad and Ryan had to get back home to pack up because they were going for an overnight trip to Las Vegas the next day.  {So, yeah, Mom went two whole days without seeing the girls.  I think she had the shakes from going through withdrawals by the time she saw them on Saturday!}  

We really had no intentions of doing anything Black Friday related the next day, but desperately needed a new refrigerator, so we headed off to an appliance store to get one of the door busters!  We were in and out of the store in less than 10 minutes with a new fridge waiting to be delivered the next day.  That's how I like to do business!  There was a Wal-Mart right down the street so we decided to hit it up and see if there was anything worth getting.

We ended up getting Olivia a couple of things for Christmas even though she was right there with us.  She's forgotten about them now, but I've got money on the fact that she remembers seeing them when she opens them up on Christmas Eve.  {Yes, we open our presents on Christmas Eve.  We are impatient like that.}

On Saturday, David wanted to take Olivia out to the park or playground to give me some time to relax on my own, but I decided to strap Sydney up and make a family day out of it.  Unfortunately, by the time we got everyone out of the house and to the park, we only had about an hour to spend there before we needed to head back for the delivery of our new fridge.  Still, we managed to have tons of fun.

Desert Breeze, although about twenty minutes from our house, has become my new favorite park to take Olivia.  It's where we met up with our new friends a couple of weeks ago, but on the weekends the carousel and train rides are open.  We got a bracelet so that Olivia could ride as many times as she wanted and we were all able to get on and ride with her.

Of course that arm goes up...

I love how she is looking at her Daddy.

They have a pond where you can feed the ducks.  Scares me to death every time she is throwing the bread to them though because there is no ledge at all between where she is standing and where the pond begins.

We had such a fun time there and plan on putting that park into our regular rotation.

On Sunday afternoon, Mom and I ran some errands together {we got Sydney's angel stocking} and we left Olivia with Poppy.  When we got back to their house, this is what we saw:

Olivia was watching cartoons and Poppy was passed out!  {And, the cabbage patch doll was apparently napping too.}  We stood there a good two minutes before she noticed us and it took the door squeaking closed before he realized anyone was there.  So much for being an alert babysitter!

Ohmyword, I'm all caught up.  AND, I'm not going to write it down and jinx it, but let's just say I'm getting ready to start post #2 for the day!

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Mom Cooper said...

I'm glad that you found a neat, fun place to go to. Sounds like fun.

That Poppy sure is a good babysitter too!!??