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18 December 2011

She is 32 Flavors and Then Some

I had every intention of getting something written yesterday, on Olivia's actual 32 month birthday, but a late morning/early afternoon shopping adventure and a post-shopping nap with Sydney ate up a good chunk of my day.  Then, last night, David got sick, which left all the nighttime duties up to me.  OY.  I have to thank Olivia for rolling with the punches and letting me put her down for bed and allowing Sydney to encroach on her usual one-on-one time.

Within this last month, we have seen such a growth in Olivia's imaginative play.  It is so wild to think of what all is going on up in that pretty little head of hers.  By far her most favorite thing to play is doctor.  She watched an episode of Berenstain Bears where Sister plays doctor and my brother got her a doctor's kit awhile back, so we have all been ill, have had to call the doctor and have been "stetherscoped" until we can't stetherscope anymore!  She's also obsessed with going into rooms and having someone knock on the door so she can let us in (or vice versa).  The last couple of days she has really gotten into drawing with dry erase markers and sidewalk chalk.  {The dry erase markers have since been stored WAYYY up high as she decided the carpet needed a little blue.  Thanks Mom for scrubbing that out with baby wipes!}

We met up with our new friends on Wednesday at the Children's Museum and I just feel so thankful that we have met someone for Olivia (and me) to play with!   Michael is such a sweet little boy - he is all the time wanting to hold my hand, but I LOVE that he will give it back to Olivia when she dishes something out to him.  She needs that!  

They had so much fun playing in the cash register/grocery store section of the museum and I can't wait for her to open her cash register that we got her for Christmas.  David and I have been saving up food containers lately so she will have lots of items to scan!  

On Thursday, my mom came over and we made some holiday treats to send to friends.  Olivia had such a fun time helping out and she actually WAS helpful!  Sometimes when we bake together it is more of a hassle because I am trying to keep her from eating things or she becomes disinterested easily, but she did such a great job unrolling all of the Rolos to put on top of the pretzels and then she actually put them on herself.  Towards the end though, she said, "Mom, will you help me?  My arm is getting hard."  Slave labor at its finest!  

In case you haven't picked up on this yet, the girl is S-T-U-double B-O-R-N!  Case in point, this picture.

I wanted her to wear her cute brown boots with this outfit, but she was bound and determined to wear the purple pool sandals - even through her tights.  After about 5 minutes of explaining/begging/negotiating, I finally just let her wear them.  We weren't going anywhere and it just wasn't a battle I wanted to fight.  

Earlier in the week, we attempted to take pictures for our Christmas cards.  Lord Have Mercy, that was a feat in and of itself!  Blood, sweat and TEARS, I'm telling you.  Oh, and a lot of bribery.  Wiggle pants couldn't sit still and after about the umpteenth round outside and the promise of a lollipop, she sat still and Sydney didn't.

Black eye and a crying baby, anyone?

I kept trying all night and FINALLY got a winner with her.  This, honestly, may be my most favorite picture I've ever taken of her.  She looks all sweet and innocent.  Hee hee.  Looks CAN be deceiving.

Happy 32 month Birthday, Sweet Baby Girl!


Mom Cooper said...

Where has the time gone. It's hard to believe that Olivia will soon be 3 years old. Three S's come to mind when I think of Olivia, Sweet, Smart, and Stubborn. I just know that I love her better than a cat loves cream now and forever.

Irma said...

The stubborn gene comes from the Michelson pool! But what a beautiful child she is. I laughed so hard at the photo of her hand in David's mouth! LOL. I agree...the last picture is this section is one of my favorites too!