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11 December 2011

Hoosier Hysteria!

Yesterday was a HUGE day in Hoosier basketball history!  After a few years of struggling with coaching issues and losing streaks, we finally showed we were making a comeback with a beautiful win over our big-time rivals, the University of Kentucky.

Growing up and while I was in college at IU, I always pictured myself having season tickets as an adult and taking our little Hoosier kids to the games.  Obviously, that's not happening anytime soon, so the next best thing is having the Big Ten Network {or like yesterday being able to see the show on ESPN} to watch the games.

I got the girls all decked out in their Hoosier gear and even Bunky got in on the action.  Olivia napped through the game, but Sydney and I cheered them on and the last few seconds of the game were THE BEST!

{Anyone else see a mini Meg Ryan there?}

I'm SO proud to be a Hoosier and regardless of where we live, I will always be one.  And, yeah, I plan to raise my girls as Hoosiers too. And, if our girls decide to go to IU, we WILL be moving there because there's no way I can be so far from them for their entire college career!


Mom Cooper said...

Cute IU outfits. I'll never forget when I was picking up some IU baby clothes for Tara, you said I should get some for you too. That was your way of telling me you might be pregnant. Sure enough you were carrying Olivia and now Sydney is wearing them (at least the socks).

Back to the game.....It was a great victory for IU. Although part of my roots (on your grandmother Miller's side) is from KY, I will always be a Hoosier in my heart.

Poppy said...

Way to go Sis! Love your blog, it would be awesome for the girls to go to IU.



Irma said...

The girls wear the Hoosier colors well! Adorable. I especially love Sydney's picture of her feet with the Hoosier socks!

Lisa @ Tales of a Young Housewife said...

This was the cutest thing EVER. Yay for Hoosiers lol! Love your blog.

Alison said...

LOVE the Hoosiers gear on your girls! Of course they will go to IU! Mark and I hope that they do! Plus, it would be nice if all three are in the same place. Think it will happen?!?!