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09 December 2011

Little Mermaids

Honestly, I haven't given the girls a bath together in ages.  It's a really tough job to do by myself because I have to sort of guard Sydney from the splashes of her sister and getting them both out at the same time is nearly impossible.  Sydney LOVES the bath, but she typically cries {hard} when I take her out.

Last night, I decided to give them both a bath together and it went great!  Olivia was so good and Sydney was just as happy as could be, both during the bath and after.

Laughing at her sister.

Totally fake smile!

Happy Saturday from the Valley of the Sun!


Poppy said...

Cute Sis! Those girls are water babies for sure.

Love'em to pieces.


Mom Cooper said...

I'm sure bath time together will become a favorite time for them. Wait , I think it is already. Sweet pictures, thanks for sharing.

Irma said...

Love these photos. The one with Olivia on her back...well that one has her joy jumping right off the page at me!