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09 December 2011

Catching Up on our ADVENTures

I'm typing this post on my iPhone while snuggled up with my baby girl in bed. It's 6:50 in the morning - entirely too early to be awake, but in all honesty I'm still half asleep.

I wanted to do this post last night, but the same bedmate I'm currently snuggling with had other plans for me. Sorry load of laundry that's been waiting five days to be folded and put away, I was going to get to you too.

I wish I could say that every advent activity is a mini party, but that's not always the case! Sometimes it's an, "Oops, we forgot to get our treat out of the calendar yesterday," OR an, "Oliivvviiaaa, hurry up and open your book" kind of night as we rush to get her ready for bed.

She has finally realized that she can choose any of the books from the stack and after choosing the three musical ones in the first four days, I've finally figured out what she did after the first one - the thicker books are more appealing because they may play music! She has moved on from Silent Night in her crib to Oh, Little Town of Bethlehem and played it at least 25 times last night before falling asleep. Y'all, buy stock in 1130 batteries.  (Because by the time I was done typing this, she had run the battery down.)

So far she has opened up the following books: Silent Night, Christmas in the Manger, Oh Little Town of Bethlehem, Snow Shakers Snowman, Jingle Bells, Olive the Other Reindeer and a Treasury of Christmas stories.  She got a real kick out of last night's book because it was the 'Twas the Night Before Christmas that my parents got her for her first Christmas where they narrate the story. She was totally captivated by it!

From our advent calendar she has gotten another mini stamper, a Hello Kitty ponytail holder and barrette, a mini candy cane, a Frosty Chapstick, and she pulled out a note last Saturday letting her know we were going to a Christmas parade and tree lighting.

Which brings me to last Saturday...we've had a bit of a cold spell around here, but we all bundled up Saturday evening to head to downtown Chandler for the Christmas parade and lighting of the tumbleweed tree. Olivia got front and center for the parade and was loving it, but unfortunately about 30 minutes into it we had a downpour of rain and had to call it a night.

Speaking of parades, Wednesday night I took the girls to Mom and Dad's so we could ride with Dad in their annual Holiday Golf Cart Parade! A lot of his friends and neighbors decorated their carts with lights and bows and once it got dark, we paraded through the community and the golf course. Olivia had a blast wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and she even through in quite a few Ho Ho Ho shouts as well! Sydney was as good as gold and about ten minutes in, fell right to sleep all bundled up in my lap. Such a fun night for us.

And, finally, Bunky has made his way all around the house (which reminds me I need to move him before she wakes up this morning). Her two favorite things to say about Bunky are, "Bunky sure has magic!" and "That Bunky sure is a great watcher!" So great, in fact, that she has either napped or played quietly in her crib every day during nap time!! Thank you, Bunky!

{From this morning...}

Now if only that elf could fold the laundry!

Happy Friday from the Valley of the Sun!

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Mom Cooper said...

Love this post. Laundry will get done, clothes will get folded and put away just in time to do it all over again. A mother's work is never done.