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29 December 2011

A Most Special of Birthdays

Christmas Day was especially sweet for our little family as it also marked Sydney's four month birthday.  It was exactly one year ago on Christmas morning that I found out I was pregnant with her.  We were in Hawaii, packing up out of our condo and getting ready to fly over to Oahu where we would spend our last day on the islands.

What a blessed gift it was and has been ever since.  We love her SO much and I truly can't picture our family without her in it.  She is {most often} the calm to our storm - the one who keeps me sane when chaos abounds.  My friend Sarah once said that breastfeeding is God's way of forcing the busy mom to sit down and there are times that I appreciate that opportunity so much.  The craziness may go on around us, but in those moments, we are at peace.

We are hitting such a fun time - this 4 to 6 month age is one of my absolute favorites.  It seems like Sydney has grown up so much in just the last week.  She is awake for such long stretches, is sitting up in her Bumbo and is LOVING her playmat.  She is drooling like crazy and smiling up a storm.  Where it used to be just me that she wanted all the time, she will now happily let others hold her and play with her.  Her favorite {besides me} is probably her Poppy.  She loves to just hang out with him and let him hold her.  Not surprising since I was my Pappaw's girl as well.

Looking at her in these pictures, it just blows my mind as to how grown up she is.  I know that sounds crazy - she's only four months old - but she has lost so much of that newborn look to her.  As much as I love this new stage we are entering, my heart can't help but break a little at the one that has passed.  My sweet, beautiful, precious baby.  I love her so...

*I took Sydney in to the doctor for her 4 month check up on the 23rd.  She was 25 inches long and weighed 13 pounds 10 ounces.


Mom Cooper said...

Sweet, sweet pictures of our sweet, sweet Sydney. Even tho her face lights up with a big grin when she sees her Nana, I agree I think she is Poppy's girl. She loves to sit on Poppy's lap and watch any sports show that he has on.

I don't want her to grow up too fast, but I look forward to her next stage of her development.

Love her to pieces.

Irma said...

Clearly, this is not the Syndey I met in October. What a change I see in her! She is so beautiful. Can't wait to hold her again.