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28 September 2012

A Little Bit Brave + A Little Bit Foolish

Well, ladies and gentlemen {dad}, we are about to embark on a nice little journey up the California Coast with our two littles.  As my mother-in-law pointed out, we are either really brave or really foolish.  I think we are a little bit of both!

My brother scored us {grandparents included} free tickets to Disneyland + California Adventure AND got us VIP tickets to the Ellen DeGeneres show, so we are taking off on Sunday for a good old-fashioned Griswold vacation.  And, we couldn't be so close to our friends on the central coast without popping up for a quick hello.  And, since we'll then be so close to our friends in the Palo Alto area, we just had to add that to our adventure as well.  See, brave and foolish.

I swear I have been packing the girls' suitcases for the past week.  I haven't touched mine.  David has been out of town on business the last few days and he'll return about 16 hours before we leave.  So, the bulk of getting everything ready has been up to me.  I woke up at 5am this morning writing out the instructions to the house sitter/dog sitter in my mind and couldn't get back to sleep for two hours.

Olivia is super excited.  Disneyland and California Adventure two times in less than 6 months?  That is one lucky girl.  And, she gets to see her friend Kendall again?  And, this time she gets a playdate with Jacob too?  She's never going to want to come back.

Wish us luck as I'm sure I'm going to lose some precious sleep and gain some gray hairs on the trip, but there's no doubt we will be adding some amazing memories.

Working on our paper chain.

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