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28 September 2012

Getting Out of the House

The heat in the desert has yet to really subside.  At least not during the day.  The evenings are cooling off and so it is at least bearable to be outside after 5:00.  A few more weeks and we should be good to go, but until then, we are burning our energy indoors.  {And if we're not burning energy indoors, we're spending money indoors, so it's better to burn that energy.}

Today, we met some friends up at the children's museum.  I got a little scared as I pulled into the parking lot and saw 6 big tour buses outside, but it really wasn't that crowded inside.  We spent the first little bit in the 3 and under room.  Despite Olivia's incident there a couple times ago, that room is one of my favorite places to be.  It is {usually} so quiet and peaceful.  We had a quick lunch after that and then the place pretty much cleared out.  I love that the big kids are back in school now!

Practicing her pirate face

It amazes me how much the kids love scooping foam balls into a fake cone.

They did so great playing together today!

As much as I love the children's museum, I am really looking forward to just walking a few blocks to our local outdoor playground to let the girls play.  SOON!

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Mom Cooper said...

You are a good momma Amanda, you are exposing them to lots and lots of fun activities.