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11 September 2012

Ready to Close This Chapter

David and I left for a weekend away to San Diego on Thursday evening, but before we left, I took Sydney in for another ultrasound on her arm.  After our last consultation with the pediatric surgeon, we decided we needed to have some concrete data to see if the bump was getting smaller.  We got a call on Friday from the doctor letting us know that the bump wasn't getting smaller and was, in fact, getting larger.  It had gone from about 3cm x 2cm to 3.2cm x 3 cm in just a matter of a couple months.  And, they still didn't know what it was exactly.  So, the logical next step was to take it out.  

She scheduled the surgery for today, which was actually nice to only have a couple of days to worry over it.  We went in around 9:30 to sign a little bit of paperwork and then waited and waited and waited until about 11:30 when they took her back.  Thankfully, our little area had some fun play toys to keep my hungry/tired baby occupied.

She was not happy to go back with the nurse and resident.  She cried and I cried.  It wasn't a pretty sight.  Thankfully, the surgery went really quickly.  By the time we got something to eat and got back to the waiting room, the surgeon was out telling us how it went.

Sydney did great and she was able to get pretty much the entire mass.  She sent it off to pathology, but it was basically an intermingling of blood vessels and fatty tissue cradled right on top of her bicep muscle.  They put some stitches in her arm as well as a layer of super glue + a paper strip on top and sent her into recovery.  

Bless her heart, when we went in there she was so out of it.  Mother's guilt immediately kicked in because I am no longer nursing her and couldn't comfort her.  She wiggled and squirmed and cried on and off until we got to the car where she fell asleep.  I was able to keep her asleep and napped with her for about an hour and a half once we got home.  She woke up in a great mood and after some food she was her usual self.

They say tomorrow morning may be tough as the numbing agent will have worn off and her arm will be more sore.  There's already a little bit of bruising going on and we'll need to keep a close eye on it for the next couple of weeks, but I don't expect this to hold her back at all.  I will be so glad once she is all healed up.

We are so grateful for all of the positive thoughts and prayers sent our way!  Thank you, friends!

And, I have to add this:  Olivia wanted to know what was in "The Bump" and I really didn't know how to explain it to her.  She kept asking over and over and so I finally said, "It was blood vessels and fatty tissue."  She sat for a few seconds and said, "But a tissue is what you blow your nose with."  Yup, it is.  And, it doesn't belong in Sydney's arm!  So, good riddance.

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Mom Cooper said...

Nana is so glad that "tissue" is out of our baby's arm too. I can't say it enough that our God is good and watches over all of us but especially His little ones. It's for sure Sydney won't remember this experience, but she will have these pictures to prove that she indeed put us all through a bit of a worry when she was just barley a year old.

God love you sweet baby Sydney.