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25 September 2012

We're Just Celebrating Birthdays Around Here

My sweet baby girl is growing up so quickly.  She's 13 months old today and has turned in to quite the walker.  Seriously, that is all she wants to do these days.  And, I've got to say that it's pretty much the cutest thing.  Seeing her just walk into a room like it's just blows my mind.  She especially loves to go walking with her Poppy.  And, she's so particular about how it happens.  She does not want to hold the whole hand...just the pointer finger.  She will physically take your hand and make it so that she is only holding your finger.  Love that girl.

Here are a few more things she's been up to:

Bike rides in the Chariot!
{Helmet on the way...}

First Hawaiian Shave Ice 
{just ice}

She learned how to climb on the bike in one night.  And, she loves it!
Today, Liv got on the bike and then Sydney pushed her around all over the house from the back.

Sydney went shopping with me and my mom on Saturday 
and the second we got in the car, she did this.

And, then there's this.
Bless her sweet heart.

And, speaking of birthday celebrations....
My very dear friend, Amy, just gave birth to the most beautiful baby boy today.
Meet, Baby Ben.
{Baby Ben is Sweet Caroline's little brother.}
Congrats to Amy and Ryan and Caroline.
{Have I mentioned that babies born on the 25th are absolutely the BEST?!?!}


Poppy said...

She is a sweet sweet baby girl. Love her to the moon and back!


Mom Cooper said...

Happy 13th month birthday sweet Sydney. You are now walking all over the place with such confidence. I love watching you as you explore your new little world. I love you better than a cat loves cream. Oh how I can hear your great-grandma saying that to your Momma and Uncle Rhino when they were growing up.

May God continue to watch and care for you all the days of your life.

xoxo Nana