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14 September 2012

Is It Ketchup or Catsup? Actually, It's Catch Up

So, my iPhone keeps telling me that I'm about full on storage and I just uploaded about 550 pictures to my computer.  So, here are a few pictures to catch everybody up on our happenins.

+ Pump It Up might be Olivia's new favorite place hang out.  Two big rooms with a bunch of different bounce houses in it -- she loves it.  We met up with Michael and Jessica a couple weeks ago and were pretty much the only ones there.  It's super fun and a great way to let her burn off energy.

YES!! Cyclone wind tunnel!

Even Mama got in on the action.

+  My sweet sister-in-law and her three rowdy boys came to town and stayed with us for a couple of days.  In addition to going to the Children's Museum, we took them to a fun indoor/outdoor restaurant.  Olivia loved having her cousins here to {ahem} horse around with. 

+  Olivia's hair was pretty much turning into a rat's nest, so we went in for a little trim.  And we got a little sparkle action too.

+  We've been having fun with Peyton.  And, Sydney is even starting to say Peyton's name.  

+  And, my heart exploded.  {In my parents' car.  Sorry about the mess.}


Mom Cooper said...

Pictures are worth a thousand words. One of these years your girls are going to be so thankful you are doing this.

Poppy said...

Awesome pics Sis!