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02 September 2012

Preschool Days

Two weeks in and I can hardly believe it myself.  My precious little 3 year-old has started her schooling career!  And, she LOVES it!

When we moved out here, we talked about having Olivia start a preschool, but decided we would wait until she turned three.  Then, when she turned three, we decided to wait until the fall.  Well, what I didn't think about was that our school district does a modified year-round calendar and school started back up at the end of July.  So, a slight panic set in that we wouldn't find a preschool for her, but I truly feel like there was some Divine Intervention at play and she is now enrolled at the cutest little preschool around!  The day of my panic attack, I called one of the preschools that I had previously researched and they were opening a new class for her age group and giving a tour that afternoon.  My mom and I went to check it out and loved it.  After checking out a couple other preschools, I knew that this one was perfect for Olivia.  It is curriculum-based with classrooms that look like they would at an actual school.  Plus, the time slot is perfect for us since we are not morning people.  She goes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12-2:30.  She is such a big girl these days!

And here she is at a Parent Participation class back in July 2010 and then again on her first day of preschool,  August 20, 2012.  
{Different size tops}

Thursday was picture day!  So official.

I love picking her up from school and hearing about her day.  Although, some days she only gives me a little snippet of what they do, but it's super cute nonetheless.


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Mom Cooper said...

Olivia is such a big girl now it is almost unbelievable how much she has learned in her three short years. I believe she will have a lot to offer this world. I love her so much.