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19 September 2012

San Diego or Bust

A couple weeks ago, David and I took our first kid-free trip since Olivia was born.  And, seeing as how  I got pregnant on our honeymoon, this was pretty much our first mini-vacation without kids in our arms and/or in my belly.  And, let me tell you, it was pretty darn nice.  My main agenda?  SLEEP.  And, did I ever get it. Oh man, fluffy pillows+down comforter+blackout curains=heavenly sleep.  My other main agenda?  Soak up as much Dave as I could.  And by Dave, I mean my other lovah, Dave Matthews.  And, oooh weee, he did not disappoint.  And, I guess if I got to hang out with my husband without fighting two other girls for his attention...well, that was just the icing on the cake.

Oh California, this Hoosier sort of felt homesick for you.

Oh yes.  A room that someone else cleans!

Our view to the right.

Our view to the left.

David had some work to do during the day, so after sleeping in and having breakfast in bed, I spent over an hour of uninterrupted time primping myself.  And, this was the best I could do.

{Gave myself a mani/pedi after all that too}

All that makeup was pretty much ruined shortly after because I got the phone call about Sydney's mass and her need for surgery.  That was definitely a low point of the trip.  I was so grateful to know that my parents were watching her and could give her the all the lovin' that I wasn't able to.

The Dave show that evening was wonderful.  It was a bit of a somber setlist as it would have been LeRoi Moore's 51st birthday had he still been alive.  But, for me, that made it pretty special to be there with the rest of the band that night.  {I know I sound like such a weirdo talking about them like they are family or something, but I've been to at least 75 shows over the last 17 years.  They have played a huge part in my life, so they sort of are like family to me.}

After getting back to the hotel late on Friday night, we definitely enjoyed sleeping in on Saturday morning.  We debated on walking around San Diego or going to Sea World during the afternoon and I'm glad to say that Sea World won out.  I had been wanting to go for a LONG time and I can't even begin to tell you how easy it was to do it without kids!  No diaper bags to pack! No strollers to push around and then store!  I know the girls would have enjoyed the different shows, but it was nice to be able to walk hand-in-hand with David and go at our own pace.


A hilarious Sea Lions show

A delicious treat

Oh my word.  The dolphin show was amazing.  

David made me sit in the splash zone {because I refused to at the orca show} and of course I got wet and he barely did.  And then he made me ride the Atlantis ride two times and I got soaked.  He can be such a little devil sometimes! ;)

David told them it was his birthday and so he got some free fish to feed the sea lions.
See what I mean?

We watched a dolphin training session.

And, this guy was a lot closer to me than I wanted him to be.

We had a blast on our weekend away.  It was really good to have some adult time and to be able to get some good sleep!  This mama needed it.  But, we sure were happy when it was time to head back to our babies.

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