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24 November 2012

A Very Crafty Thanksgiving

You would think by the looks of many of these pictures that I have been a Pinteresting fool lately, but I promise that is not the case.  {My mom on the other hand, she pinterests like it is her job.  But, she is retired, so...}  I have been, however, missing getting my craft on and so I got inspired {pinspired?} to have some of Olivia's friends over to do some Thanksgiving crafts.  Mom helped me cut out some things so I could have everything organized and ready before the girls came over and she thankfully watched Sydney who would not have gotten much out of the afternoon.  So, thanks Mom.

This was my favorite...I cut out pictures of the girls and they glued feet and feathers on to become turkeys!

We traced their hands and they decorated them with dry noodles, beans and feathers.

I think the girls liked this the best...turkey fans.

While the girls enjoyed doing the crafts, I think their favorite part of the afternoon was digging into Olivia's dress up box and trying on all of her princess costumes and wigs!

Love these girls.  And I can't wait to do another craft day with them for Christmas!

On Thursday, we went down the street to have dinner with my cousin and his family.  We feel so very lucky to have so much family in such close proximity.  My aunt and uncle were there as well as my parents.  In all there were 13 of us and we feasted on ham, turkey and all the fixings.  My mom made a delicious pumpkin cake {that she found on Pinterest} and Shona made her best cheesecake to date.  Seeing as how our house was a complete wreck, I'm also thankful someone else was hosting!  {Plus, they had some great toys for our girls to play with!}

Did I mention these girls got turkey pancakes for breakfast??  Lucky girls.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
We sure did.


Mom Cooper said...

It was a fun day filled with food, and family. Did I mention food. Oh my gosh we ate like there was no tomorrow. However, because Ryan wasn't able to join us we did it all over again with another feast on Saturday evening.

Your craft day looked like a success. I'm sure it was a fun day for the girls as well.

Poppy said...

This Thanksgiving was truly a fun day. It definitely is special to have family close by and especially for the holidays.
A special thank you to Joel and Shona for hosting this year.


Irma said...

Such fine and such imaginative minds!