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05 November 2012

Our California Adventure, Part 5 {Palo Alto}

You guys, I'm almost done reporting on our trip.  I promise.  Hang in there with me for one more after this?

After having fun at Disneyland, California Adventure and hanging with friends in SLO, we headed up to Palo Alto where we would spend the next 4 1/2 days.  We were very lucky to be able to stay at a friend of David's house while he was out of town.  It was small, but it was much bigger than a hotel room and it had a washer and dryer.

David had some work to do up there, so the girls and I hung out a bunch with Soudy's wife a few times.  We also met up with my friend Steph and I'm pretty sure we made it so that she never has/wants kids.  {Thanks, Steph, for putting up with my cranky babies.}

One of our go-to spots in Palo Alto is the Junior Museum and Zoo.  We spent a couple hours there one afternoon.

But, one of our favorite afternoons was our trip to Happy Hollow in San Jose.  The entire place was virtually empty, so we had our picks of the rides and my thrill-seeking daughter was able to ride the roller coaster three times in a row.

She's fearless!

Fun on the crazy swing

Monkey see, monkey do.
{The story of our life}

We really enjoyed our time up in Palo Alto -- it's always fun to hang out in the city where David spent much of his time as a young hooligan!  ;)

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