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25 November 2012

My Littlest Turkey

I wanted to get some pictures of Sydney wearing the Thanksgiving dress on Thursday, but by the time we got home we were all ready to park it on the couch and watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade.  So, this morning, I put the dress back on her and we headed outside {in the soggy grass} for a quick photo session.  It is seriously ridiculous how difficult it is to take a picture of her.  She does not stand still!  She doesn't even sit still because she wants to get up and run.  This year's Christmas picture just might be the rest of us with a little Sydney blur passing through the picture.  Still, I could not love this girl more.

PS - Today is her 15 month birthday!  My goal is to get a little birthday post up this evening!


Mom Cooper said...

What a sweet, happy baby girl. She is so precious to us all. I love her so, so much.

Happy 15th month birthday my sweet granddaughter.

xoxo Nana

Poppy said...

She is so sweet! I just love her to pieces.


Irma said...

She looks so much like Olivia in this set of pictures! So cute!