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06 November 2012

Our California Adventure, Part 6 {The Home Stretch}

So, a month ago we went on a trip to California.  It's taken me ages to chronicle our adventures.  But, y'all, we've hit the home stretch.

When we were in SLO, there were a few families we really wanted to see, but didn't get to due to them being out of town.  {Just an excuse to go back soon!}  But one of those families was persuasive enough to get us to make a pitstop on the way home to meet up with them.

We ended up spending about two hours at Avila Valley Barn {because we just can't get enough of that place} and had fun hanging out with Maren and Avi for a little bit of it.  We miss Maren and her crew so much! It was great to let the girls get out and stretch their legs even if they did get completely filthy.

And, there's my big girl with her fingers inside the fence.


We are already missing the Central Coast and can't wait to get back next summer!

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