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01 November 2012

Fall Foto Shoot

It is becoming more and more difficult to take a picture of Sydney.  Oh my word, that girl will not stand or sit still.  And, like I said, I'm not that good of a photographer to be able to capture here when she's on the move.  But, I'm trying.

This outfit that she's wearing has probably been my biggest outfit splurge to date.  I bought it for Olivia when she was 18 months old, but I have to say that we are getting our money's worth.  She's worn it multiple times over the past two years and now we've passed it down to Sydney.  {Even though, I think Olivia will still wear it this year because the top still fits.}  Sydney wore it to Olivia's school the day of her costume party and she was a hit!

Look at all of that hair!

Girl on the go!

Special thanks to Liv and Nana for helping me corral Sydney during our little photo shoot.

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