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06 November 2012

Go Fish!

I'll tell you what.  That Olivia is one lucky girl.  She's got a Poppy who loves her to pieces and loves taking her on adventures -- from wagon and golf cart rides to playing in the sand.  Their latest adventures have been that of the fishing kind!  He even got her a little pole and she has become quite the expert fishergirl.

We all went to a local park on Sunday afternoon to do a little fishing.  Liv lasted about 10 minutes, which was pretty good, and Poppy caught two little fishies to take to his pond.

{Her pants got dirty at the bottom and I didn't want to put the other pair on her because I thought we were going out for pizza afterwards, so I cut off the bottom and turned them into shorts.  Gotta love those $5 Circo pants.}

Checking out the two little fish.

Playing in the sand.

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1 comment:

Mom Cooper said...

What a fun afternoon, even if Poppy only caught two itty, bitty fish.