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01 November 2012

Let the Pictures Do the Talking

We are nothing if not very good at waiting until the last minute to do things.  As in, we carved our pumpkins yesterday.  On Halloween.  So, you know, it would only be fitting to go to a pumpkin patch on the last day that it is open, but that's exactly what we did.  {And, then we kicked it up a notch by going to another pumpkin patch that morning. Oy.}  It's not that we wanted to wait until the last minute, really.  That's just sort of the way it worked out with everybody's schedule.  Regardless, it was a load of fun at both places and we are glad we waited for Nana and Poppy to be available so they could enjoy it with us.

And now, without further ado....our Pumpkin Patch Pictures!

First up, Mother Nature's Farm.
{And, I'm gonna use the term farm very lightly.  Animals in a gated area does not a farm make!}

What an ass!  ;) 

And, now, pictures from the mother of all pumpkin patches, Schnepf Farms.

{Even though it is 2012}

Sweet girl fell asleep a few minutes before we got there and then slept for just a minute in her stroller.

Last year, she rode Oreo.  This year, she rode Oreo's brother, Apache!

Sydney's first pony ride! {She had Freckles}
She's 1 month younger than Olivia was on her first pony ride.  
You go girl!

Such a brave girl.  She went down the big one too!

The bumblebee ride was too long, so we opted for the planes.
Check out last year's visit here.  

Back for more...

One drawback to going to the pumpkin patch on the last 
day is that there are only a few pumpkins left.

These girls.  I could not love them more!

I may not get points for dressing them in pumpkin attire, but I should get extra credit for dressing them exactly alike, right down to their pink Converse kicks! {And, hey, watermelon plaid is totally farm attire!}

Love this little lamb.

While we waited for the pig races to start, Sydney walked all over the place.

Olivia got called down to be the cheerleader for the pink pig.  
{He came in last.}

And, to top off the night, Poppy found some marshmallows to roast with Olivia.
I'd say that was a pretty good day {even if we came home with zero pumpkins}.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!

PS - Here's a picture of Olivia and her classmates {yep, only 3 in her class} on costume day.

Caleb as an astronaut.  Oh my word.  

1 comment:

Poppy said...

Awesome pictures and a great time at Schnept Farms as well.

Love being with you kids and seeing the joy these Lil ones have at the farm.