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28 April 2013

A Peek At Our Week

I promise, promise, promise to put our Disneyland pictures up in the next couple of days.  But, before I do that, I better put up these random pictures so they don't get lost in my iPhoto.

Here's a peek at what we've been up to the past few days:

➹ Fishing date with Poppy ➹

➹ Hang time on our Liberty of London spoils ➹

➹ Spending time outdoors before the triple digits hit tomorrow ➹

➹ A road trip to Tortilla Flats where poor Olivia got car sick while riding along the windy road.  Poor girl had not experienced anything like that since she was 20 months old when we were in Hawaii.  Not to be gross, but she had to ask me, "Mommy, what was all that stuff that came out of my mouth?"  She was so brave though.  And, you know, ice cream makes everything better. ➹

➹ Show me your surprised face! ➹

➹ I am now thirty-six. 

➹ Lots of swimming! ➹


Poppy said...

Great pictures of the girls!

Love them to the moon and back.


Mom Cooper said...

Awesome family time. Love, love, love spending time with all my girls.