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14 April 2013

The Big Kahuna {Not a Hawaii Post}

Because I have been trying to do at least one picture of the girls on Instagram for each day of 2013 {and I'm succeeding!}, I have been really, REALLY bad at using my nice DSLR camera to take pictures of the girls.  I used to almost exclusively use that camera -- even for pictures at the Children's Museum or the zoo.  But, man, the cell phone is just so much easier to whip out than the giant camera.  I get so used to the quality of cell phone pictures that I sometimes forget I have a camera that can take way better pictures.  Convenience vs Quality.

Well, the other day, I decided I needed to use my nice camera a lot more and it just so happened that the girls were dressed in coordinating Liberty of London {for Target} dresses.  So, these pictures happened.

Later that evening, we had a huge wind storm and David and I decided it would be fun to fly a kite in all that wind.  

It did make for some cute pictures.

So, now, I not only vow to Instagram my girls daily, but I also promise to pull out The Big Kahuna more often.  Good thing I've got gorgeous subjects!


Poppy said...

Beautiful girls!


Mom Cooper said...

These are the most precious pictures of my grand babies I have ever seen. Keep um coming.