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09 April 2013

The Most Random of Random Posts

This is basically just an iPhone dump.  It's 11:00 at night and I'm half asleep, so I don't even think that I can count this as a brain dump because my brain is barely functioning.  Apologies in advance for anything that doesn't make sense... Let's let the pictures do the talking, shall we?

➼ Mornings at home with the girls:

➹ Blueberries and yogurt makes the best make-up ➹

➹ She's going to make a fabulous director someday.  Here she is telling me how to play with her Little People carriage. ➹

➹ My favorite outtake of those pictures...➹

➼ Olivia has become, like, serious, like, Bee Eff Effs with the girl across the street.  They are, like, inseparable.  {And, they talk like that when they get together.}  The {very sweet} neighbor is 11 months older than Olivia and is very mature for her age.  I've seriously seen Olivia age about 15 years over the last few weeks.  Makes me kind of sad that I'm not cool enough to hang out with's all, "I wanna go over to Broooooke's house!!!"  They are cute though and now I sorta know what it would be like to have 3 girls.

➼ And not that having three girls wouldn't be great, but I'm perfectly content with my precious blondies.  

➹ Ahhhh!  Does it get any cuter than this? {It does, but I mean, seriously?!} ➹

➼ And, to sum up this completely random post...let me tell you a couple things about my little stinkpot of a baby girl {who I just love beyond measure...}

➹ She likes to go into our messy pantry and empty out all of the tea bags.  The other morning, I said, "SYDNEY! What are you doing?" When she finished dumping them all out, she came out of the pantry and fist bumped me.  Fist bumped. ➹

➹ She also went into my messy refrigerator and pulled out the celery and then started snacking on it.  Two minutes later, she found David's stash of jalapeños.  Thank goodness for milk. ➹

Annnnnndddd, we're done.
Night, friends.

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