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13 April 2013

Easter Pictures {Finally!!}

I think I will always and forever think of Easter as being April 12th.  That was my due date with Olivia. She was due on Easter Sunday even though she chose to make her debut 5 days later.  

So, if we take that into consideration, I'm really only posting our Easter pictures a day late! womp womp.  

We had a lovely celebration on Easter.  I got to go to church with my dad to see my mom sing and the girls did three different egg hunts and opened two Easter baskets.  I'd say they were showered with love for sure.  My brother was in town as well, so we had a nice family dinner together with yummy food, including a huge Edible Arrangements from Grandma and Poppa. {Turns out, the ones you get sent are way cuter than the ones you try to make yourself.}

We did our first egg hunt right around noon...basically the worst time of day to take pictures.  But, man, when you've got models as good as mine wearing coordinating dresses, it doesn't matter what time of day it is.  Your pictures will be perfection.

Hope your Easter was as sweet as ours.

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Mom Cooper said...

Precious pictures of my precious babies.