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04 April 2013

Everything But the Kitchen Sink {And Easter Pictures}

Now that I sort of caught you up on our Hawaii trip, I can do a little iPhone dump to catch you up on what's been going on closer to home.  Just about everything is in here except for Easter pictures.  You know pictures of those girls dressed up in coordinating dresses deserve their own post. ;)

I mentioned in the last catch up post that we are hardly home these days.  We try to get out of the house as much as possible for a number of reasons -- the weather right now is gorgeous {whereas in a month or so it will start getting hot just getting in the car}, we go a little less crazy when we can get out and burn off some energy, and it sometimes keeps our house a little cleaner.  But, other times, it gets dirty and we aren't here to clean it and I go a little crazy anyway.  {Are we sensing a them of going crazy regardless?  Because that's sort of how I'm reading it...}

➼ Well, I got lucky last Friday -- Olivia went across the street for a playdate, my mom picked up Sydney and I had a few hours to nap or clean.  I chose to clean...and organize the clothes in Sydney's room.  It is clear I have a problem being attached to their clothes.  

➼ Olivia's been swimming at Nana and Poppy's - and swim lessons started back up on Tuesday.

➹And, I found this old picture of me at MY swim lessons... ➹

➼ We've done playgrounds and playdates galore.  David took a few kites to the green space the other night and everyone had a blast chasing them around.

➹ After Livi gave Michael a hug, Sydney had to give him about 3 more. ➹

➹ This happens at least twice during each play date with Michael. ➹

➹ Oh my word -- I love this girl. ➹

➹ Kite runners. ➹

➼ Woot! Woot! Auntie Marissa, Uncle Scott and the Gifford boys spent their spring break in Arizona and we were lucky enough to enjoy their company for an entire day.  We went to the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park up in Scottsdale, and while trains might be considered a "boy thing," it seemed as if everyone enjoyed themselves.  

➼ Olivia got her hair cut.

And, so now you are pretty caught up on what's been going on the last week or so.  Eventful and exciting stuff 'round these parts!  ;)  Hope your Friday {and your weekend} is less like this...

and more like this...

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Poppy said...

Those girls are really growing up fast. Love'em to the moon and back!