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23 April 2013

Birthday Shenanigans

This year, we celebrated Olivia's fourth birthday at Disneyland {again!} with the pretty Pedersen ladies.  But, before we left for The Happiest Place on Earth, we had a couple of celebrations around these parts.

Because we would miss Olivia's birthday at school, we decided to celebrate there the week before.  She's allowed to bring in whatever treats she wants and my birthday girl chose donuts.  Pink donuts with sprinkles, specifically.  {You'd know I had to go to two different places to make that happen for her, but I'd do it again happily to make her birthday wish come true.}

➹ She only wore the crown for about 30 seconds. ➹

➹ Oh, Caleb.  I cannot even handle your cuteness. ➹

➹ They even sang Happy Birthday to her at Wee Worship. ➹

We wanted to make sure that friends and family were also included in her birthday festivities, so the day before we left we met up with Nana & Poppy and Uncle Hank & Aunt Patty at the Spaghetti Factory.  And we let Olivia bring her neighbor friend, Brooke, too.  

➹ Brooke puts on this sweet smile when the camera comes out and Olivia tried to mimic it.  She even tried to do it at Disneyland.  Hilarious. ➹

For the last several months, every time we would go to the grocery store, Olivia would ooh and ahhh over the princess cake display in the bakery.  It is bright and pink and full of princesses and nothing I would ever want to have as her birthday cake, but I knew how happy it would make her, so I had to.  And, she loved it.  

Stay tuned for more birthday posts...


Mom Cooper said...

I think God daily for my precious grand daughter. I look forward to many more of her birthday celebrations.

Poppy said...

Love this girl so much! Great pictures Sis, you should be a photographer, you are so good!