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04 August 2013

Our Summer in SLO, Part 12 {Avila, Ivan and Lazy Days}

When we first made the plan to head out to SLO for the month, we included a short trip to Palo Alto to visit some of our friends and a day trip to San Francisco for me to meet one of my blog friends, Mary {the author of Finding Magnolia}, in the hopes of becoming friends in real life.  Plus, we really wanted to get our four girls together for a play date...all that cuteness could surely cause world peace for at least a day.  Buuuuutttt, the more I thought about packing up clothes and toys for our girls for a short trip and living out of a hotel for a weekend just didn't sound all that appealing.  Especially when the option for staying put included not packing and not living out of a hotel and blueberries from Avila Valley Barn and donuts from DK's.

So stay put is what we did.  And, when I say we, I mean me and the girls.  David still got to go up to Palo Alto for the weekend to see his buddies.  Wife of the Year, right here.

Now back to those blueberries.  I act like it's the opportunity for the kids to run around and feed the goats and donkeys and horses, but really, it's the blueberries that had me going to Avila Valley barn twice that weekend.  I guess it also made for some cute pictures of the girls.

➹ Friday's trip... ➹

➹ Saturday's trip... ➹

➹ Oh, hey there donkey, say hi to your mother for me. ➹

➹ This crazy rooster gets to wander around freely. ➹

➹ Sydney was cracked up at the aforementioned rooster, while Liv was clearly not impressed. ➹

Thank goodness we filled up on all those nutritious blueberries, because the next morning we headed over to our favorite donut shop for sprinkled donuts and donut holes.  And guess who we ran into there? The SLOcal celebrity, Ivan Ulz.  We have been listening to his music since our first days at Boo Boo Records {the Firetruck song is always the closer at music time with Heidi} and so when he came in the shop and plopped down a copy of his cd on our table for the girls to have, we were a little star struck.  Like, just about did everything but ask him to sign his autograph on the cd.  So, naturally, we had to have some pictures taken...

We pretty much had no plans the rest of the day and it was so nice just being sort of lazy around the house, especially after that donut-induced food coma.

The next day we had a play date set with our friend Niki and her sweet little boy, Espen, but his nap ran long and we didn't get to meet up after all.  We were already up in SLO hanging with friends, so we just extended our date a little bit longer.   {Thanks, Sarah, Kendall and Katelyn for being such gracious hostesses!}

➹ Sydney went right to this bush and said cheeeeese. I've got her trained well! ➹

And, no transition here, but cue some trampoline pictures from later that evening!  

➹ Obviously not a trampoline picture. ➹

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Poppy said...

Awesome Sis! The trip was a wonderful time for the whole family. Love all the cute pictures. The kids will cherish these some day.