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19 August 2013

Our Summer in SLO, Part 17 {The Last Chapter}

It feels a bit anticlimactic ending these posts with this great tale to go along with the pictures and no fabulous pictures of everyone we saw all together...but at the same time, it is/was sort of nice that the end of our trip didn't feel a whole lot like the end.  I hate goodbyes and so it was nice just to say to everyone, Hey, you know, we'll be back sometime soon, and I know that we will.

A special thanks to everyone there who took such great care of us and entertained us and hosted guys are truly the best.

So, here we go...the Sunday before we left, we planned on getting pizza with the Pedersens and the Rileys for one last date.  We knew we needed to stop in and see our friends Ken and Katie before we left and so we did that before dinner.  If I haven't said it before, let me just say how wonderful Katie is. She lets our girls come in to her store and play dress up the whole time we are there.  And, she smiles the whole way through it.  Our girls just love her to pieces...obviously.

Clearly, Olivia loves someone else to pieces.  Their relationship reminds me of the Generationals song with the lyrics When they fight, they fight.  And when they come home at night they say, "I love you, baby." 

➹ Hello Prom picture! ➹

Liv had one last sleepover with Kendall that night and I'll admit it was a little sad to say goodbye see ya later to them.  They have such a sweet little relationship.

Even though David had a work trip to DC planned almost immediately after we came home, we wanted to make sure that we got at least one good day in with Maren and her girls --  Even though it felt like they were always with us since we were living in their house while they were gone.  The girls had fun together and we got a couple cute pictures of them singing Ariel songs for us.

➹ What a motley crew! ➹

Even though I say this is the last post...I have a feeling there will be one more mini recap.  I gave Liv our small camera and let her take pictures the night she stayed with Kendall.  If I can find that camera, I'll post a couple of the pictures in one more post.  But, until then.....good night! {And, many thanks for sticking with me through all of these!}

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Mom Cooper said...

Sweet, sweet memories have been made for sure.