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12 August 2013

Our Summer in SLO, Part 14 {Strawberry Picking at Rutiz Farms}

As if our day was not full enough after driving up to SLO and then Paso Robles for the fair, after Sydney woke up from her nap, we decided to explore Rutiz Farms.  Before Maren left, both she and her neighbor told us that the strawberries from Rutiz were the best ever.  Now, we are partial to Willy's strawberries, but we decided to finally give Rutiz a go.  We had been told that their U-Pick Strawberries were done for the season, but I'm so thankful that they weren't.  We had a great time picking strawberries together.  Ohmygosh, is there anything better than warm strawberries right off the vine?  I think not!  We seriously ate our weight in those strawberries!

➹ That face! ➹

➹ One of my favorite pictures of her to date. ➹

➹ Those orange buildings are part of the cohousing units where we stayed! ➹

➹ We seriously have a whole new appreciation for strawberry pickers. ➹

➹ Love these three! ➹


Poppy said...

Where's mine? I love strawberries! Great pictures Sis. And the girls had a tremendous experience I'm sure picking and eating first hand the best fruit ever.


Mom Cooper said...

Amanda, you seriously get some of the best pictures ever. What a great opportunity you all had for the month of July. As much as we missed seeing and being around you for that time, I'm glad you all had the chance to go back to CA and experience all that you did.