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19 August 2013

Our Summer in SLO, Part 15 {Boo Boo's and Besties}

Youuuuu Guuyyyssssss!  I'm still working on posting about our summer in SLO.  And, seriously now, it was only a month!  It's getting old, no?  I'm almost done, I promise, and so I am going to work like the dickens to finish up the last couple {few?} posts tonight.  {Or tomorrow, 'cuz you know how things go.}

Anywhoooo... The girls and I had made plans with the Riley crew to hit up Boo Boo Records to see our old buddy, old pal, Ivan Ulz perform during Music Time.  Sadly, as soon as we walked in, I realized something was up.  There was no Ivan and Heidi's cd player was front & center onstage.  Either Heidi announced it wrong the last time we were there or we heard the date wrong.  Either way, we were still happy to be there rockin' out to Heidi's Hits.

➹ We planned our outfits accordingly... ➹

➹ Playing in the grass across the street from Boo Boo Records. ➹

We couldn't make the trek up to SLO just for a short music class {even though the boys are totally worth it}, so we pit-stopped it at the candy store and then made our way to the park for a bit.

➹ That's taffy in Sydney's mom ever right here letting her have as many as she wanted while we were in the store to prevent any possible tantrums. ➹

It was fitting that we saw Sully {and Mike Wazowski} at the candy shop because that evening we took our girls along with Sarah & her girls to see Monsters University at the old school theatre in Arroyo Grande.  Fortunately, there were only a few other families in the theatre because about 30 minutes before the movie was over Sydney started getting really antsy and David sort of let her roam around the inside of the theatre.  {Emphasis on David.}  The girls had fun and really enjoyed the movie.  I think I liked it better than Monsters Inc, and I'm so glad Liv liked it because sometimes she's afraid to ride that ride at Disneyland and it's one of David's favorites.

Kendall was spending the night with us after the movie, so it worked out perfectly for us to take her home from the theatre and put them to bed.  We tried to wear them out on the trampoline and in the tub, but these girls were still up past 10 telling stories and laughing with each other.  I just love them both so much.

➹ Future college roommates, right here. ➹

Sarah came up to get Kendall the next morning and I was happy to announce that she was still in one piece and had done a great job sleeping over!  

➹ We had to show them the chickens! ➹

Liv was worn out the next day...during her usual downtime {during Sydney's nap}, we went to visit a friend and her baby {and didn't take one ding dang picture} and then stopped by to see our favorite lady at the Nipomo post office!  She was shocked when we walked in and of course had to give Olivia a little treat.

Olivia crashed out in the car seat on the way home and so I let her sleep on me for a little bit before we headed up to the Farmers Market in SLO.  We knew it would be the last time for us to see Maria and Willy before we left for home.  Maria gave Olivia the biggest hug and gave us tons of free fruit...thank goodness because Sydney was sneaking peaches off of her table like it was her job!

I'm not sure who/what we miss more -- Maria and Willy or all of their yummy foods!

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Mom Cooper said...

Thank goodness you have all these beautiful pictures as reminders of the wonderful time you all had on your visit back to CA. Because of all the wonderful pictures, I feel like I was right there with you. (well kind of)!!