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01 August 2013

Our Summer in SLO, Part 11 {The Riley Boys}

I was feeling so good about only being a week behind in blogging and now I am a whole two weeks behind, and wahhh wahhhh, we aren't in California anymore.  So, I really need to get caught up.  Especially since my precious baby girl turns TWO this month and I have a little party to plan and slideshow to create.

Now, where were we?  Ahhhhh, yes, the playdate with the Riley boys!

We had our first playdate down in Oceano with Jacob and William and it was amazing at how much there was to do just by sticking close to the house.  We jumped on the trampoline, checked out the chickens, played on the play structure and in the indoor play area, had lunch and feasted on yummy popsicles that Jacob made especially for everyone.  It was most definitely a fun morning with our favorite SLO Brothers.

And, well, we just didn't quite get our fill of those boys, so we met up with them in SLO later that night for pizza, farmers' market and froyo.  Gotta love another mom whose love language is sweet treats like mine. ;)

➹ I need to bust out my DSLR more often! ➹

➹ She totally wanted in on the picture taking action! ➹

➹ They were quiet for a whole two minutes! ➹

You'd think after all that, we'd be sick of the boys, or they would be sick of us, but thank heavens they weren't and we were invited up for dinner at their house the next night.  Thank you, Rileys for loving us so much! ;)

We took a quick trip to Avila Valley Barn & Target the next morning and Sydney took a short nap in the car before heading back up for some dinnertime fun.

Maybe we had seen too much of each other {not possible} because the kids got kind of snippy with one another.  I'm pretty sure Sydney put the smack down on William more than once {the girl looks like she watches WWF on a regular basis and I swear she doesn't} and William had to tell Sydney, No, Sydney, Be nice! Be nice to me, Sydney! {Which, I caught her the other day shaking her finger at Olivia  and saying no the same way Willy was shaking his while he scolded her. Ha!}  And, for some reason, Olivia would not let Jacob push her in the swing and that was ALL that sweet boy wanted to do.  Finally, after dinner, she let him push her and they both had the best time.  They played in the sandbox together and Olivia recited her cheer from the day before while Jacob played some basketball.  {Jacob, Jacob, make that shot. Jacob, Jacob, you're so hot!} 

We made some break & bake cookies earlier in the day and after the kiddos performed some songs for us, we let them eat their hard-earned sweet treats.  

We had a fabulous back-to-back two days with these boys and we are just so grateful for their friendship.  I have a feeling these four are going to be in cahoots for many years to come!

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Poppy said...

Beautiful pictures Sis! And beautiful friends as well. You all are so blessed to have great friends like that.

Love Poppy