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11 August 2013

Our Summer in SLO, Part 13 {Mid-State Fair}

Just so you know, I've only got a few more installments of the Our Summer in SLO series, so thank you for putting up with me posting about things that happened weeks ago.  {I'm talking to you, all four of my readers.}

I think I left off with a random playdate with Sarah, Kendall and Katelyn and it was at that playdate where Sarah and I brainstormed some things to do with the girls for the next day.  We wanted to do something fun as we were sort of getting over making a mess in her house and/or going to the park across the street. We were really tempted to get up early the next morning and drive up to Gilroy {2.5 hours?} and spend the day at Gilroy Gardens {an amusement park geared for younger kids}, but at the last minute the night Sarah suggested we just to drive up to Paso Robles and hit up the fair.  We wanted to go early in the morning as it gets really hot up there in the summertime, but the rides didn't open until noon, so we planned to meet up at Sarah's house and move our carseats into her car and ride together so we could enjoy each other's company a little more.  God Bless Sarah for putting our carseats in her car and bless her even more for not judging me on the sight of the cheerios, pretzels and God-knows-what-else that had made their way beneath those seats.

I should probably mention that there was a weeeeeee bit of drama when we got to Sarah's house -- I had dressed my girls in matching outfits {because, duh, you know how I do it...} and Kendall had picked out a coordinating outfit for Liv to wear so, of course, her current outfit just  Fortunately, I had packed a spare set of clothes for the girls {you know, fair themed and all...} and we somehow managed to convince Kendall and Katelyn to wear those.  So, basically two things happened while we were at the fair.  One, everyone kept asking if they were two sets of twins and two, Kendall kept asking to change into her dress.

The fair was loads of fun even though it was hot.  The girls' cheeks were bright red by the time we got into the fair.  But they had fun riding the rides, trotting around on the ponies, getting their faces painted and having a pizza picnic lunch.  {And cue a gazillion fair pictures.  You know how I do it.}

➹ The Plaid Brigade ➹

➹ Sydney's goal in life as of right now: To be in the Big Girls Club. ➹
➹ This moment at the fair: Goal achieved! ➹

➹ Cannot for the life of me understand why they thought these girls were twins! ;) ➹

➹ Third pony ride in a matter of two weeks! ➹

➹ Look at those red cheeks! ➹


Mom Cooper said...

Oh my gosh, I love all these pictures. The four blondies are adorable. Bless their little red cheeks.

Poppy said...

These are precious. So adorable!