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19 August 2013

Our Summer in SLO, Part 16 {Farms and Farmers Market}

I'm sure I would be beating a dead horse if I mentioned just how much David loves taking the girls to the Avila Farmers Market on Friday nights.  I'd also probably be repeating myself if I mentioned that it isn't necessarily my favorite thing.  Two tiny tots walking on a rickety ol' pier?  Mmmm, no.  My paranoid mind does not enjoy all the scenarios that run through my head.  Buuuutttt, being the good wife that I am {read: control freak}, I go.

We had one last opportunity to go to Rutiz Farms and the Avila Farmers Market and we aren't nuttin' if we aren't good at squeezing in just about everything we can {and also waiting to the last minute....}.  So, we did both on our last Friday night.  And, here are the kazillion pictures from our evening!  BOOM.

Ummmm...make that a kazillion and one pictures.

1 comment:

Mom Cooper said...

I know you have good subjects to photograph, but your pictures are soooooo good. I feel like I'm right there with you. Good job Amanda.