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31 July 2015

We Basically Swim All the Time

If we aren't at school or inside eating, chances are pretty good that we are swimming somewhere.  It's too hot to do much of anything else.

Liv LOVED her last teacher for swim, so I signed her up for lessons again each evening at 5 because he was supposed to be teaching them too.  {What was I thinking?!}  For some reason there is a different teacher, but Olivia is still rockin' the class.  My dad took her the first two days of practice and kept texting me about how she was beating all of the other kids in her group during their kickboard races!

Yesterday {yesterday!  Do you see how caught up I am!}, David and I took the neighborhood crew to the pool for public swim while Liv had her lesson.  She got to enjoy the slides before and after practice too.  While this heat is no fun, I am thankful for all the pools our kids are able to swim in AND for the fact that our girls are such good swimmers!

➹  This little fish right here can swim the entire length of our pool, take a short break, and swim right back to the other end! ➹

➹ Swimming is way more fun than homework! ➹

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Mom Cooper said...

Thank goodness these girls love to swim. What a long miserable summer if they didn't enjoy being in the pool. And what good swimmers they are. They both amaze me at how well they can swim and how comfortable they feel in the water. I am thankful tho Amanda you are continuing to get them swimming lessons. You never know how far they both can go with their swimming ability. (They can at least get a job as a lifeguard during the summer when they get a bit older)!!!!!