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11 December 2008

The View From Up Here...

This is just a quick one as I should be finishing up getting ready this morning, but I had to post this before we left.

Last night, after David made me a wonderful dinner for date night, we were watching tv in the family room when our baby girl started kicking up a storm. Now, I just know she takes after her mother (actually her father too) because she is always more active after I eat something. David has been able to feel her kicking pretty steadily for the last week or so. So, last night, I lifted up my shirt (just to reveal my belly...) and told David to keep his eye below the belly button. We could actually SEE her kick. Well, not like feet or anything, but we could actually see the section of my belly jut out where she had kicked or punched.

It's amazing to see and feel, and I just really feel so blessed. I think back to the days where I was always so afraid that something was wrong with her because it was too soon to feel her, but now I am always reassured. And, she gives me an excuse to eat if I feel like I haven't felt her in a while! Good baby girl!

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