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14 December 2008

Five Months Down, Four To Go!

Well, even though most everyone says that they can't tell that I am pregnant, I am starting to feel like it shows a little bit more. I truly feel like this picture doesn't do my big belly justice, but with the million other things we have to do before we leave tomorrow, this is the best you are going to get! And, I am nowhere near as crazy as my friend Jill, so you will not be getting a full-on skin shot from me!

A quick update for all you who continue to say I don't look big enough, the doctor at our appointment last week took a measurement of my belly (from my belly button to a place only few people can go) and I am right at 22cm which is EXACTLY where I should be at 22 weeks. So, Baby Girl gets another A+ on her most recent exam! What a smart one.

Tomorrow starts my 23rd week and I figure I can fill a little blog space by telling you what our little Peanut is up to. She is about 11 inches long and weighs a little over a pound. She can hear loud noises and her sense of movement is well developed now. (So, she will be a happy camper when Dave and I bust out some pregnancy moves at Kiel and Lauren's wedding next month!) Her lips, eyelids and eyebrows are becoming more distinct and she is actually looking more like a baby and less like an alien.

On the Mom front, I am doing really well. I feel like my energy has fully returned, my skin (KNOCK ON WOOD) seems to have cleared up for a while and I am still not quite to the heartburn stage. I am also thoroughly enjoying feeling her move around and kick inside me. And, I know David enjoys feeling her kick as well. So, Mom, Lauren and Marissa, you should be able to feel her too when I see each of you next!


Mom Cooper said...

Oh I remember those days of kicking and moving around like you had some place to be. I can't wait to feel her little movements in person. Be safe and we'll see you soon. You look beautiful BTW.

xoxo Mom

Jillian said...

I can see it starting to pop! You look awful cute too.

Lauren said...

You look SO CUTE! I love your little bump and can't wait to see it so soon!

Luzita Michele said...

Beautiful....just beautiful....