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02 December 2008

Keep Your Hands Off of My Pillow!

I cannot begin to tell you how much of a lifesaver the maternity pillow from Moonlight Slumber has been for me. When we were gone at Thanksgiving, I was truly missing it! (And, I am extremely nervous about leaving it behind for our three weeks of travel later this month.)

I have been experiencing some different pains lately, which I self-diagnosed as either round ligament pain, a kidney infection, appendicitis, an ectopic pregnancy (which really got a laugh out of David), contractions or gas. I'm about 99% sure that it is the latter of the diagnoses and my husband's strict enforcement of the Metamucil consumption is putting an end to those pains. Can I just say that if I was begging for an epidural with gas pains, I will be screaming for it come delivery!

Anyway, the pillow has been a nice relief at night. Without it, I wake up laying on my stomach and panic that I am making peanut butter out of our little Peanut. I still toss and turn at night - always have and probably always will - but I am sleeping much more comfortably...with the exception of when I roll to my right. Everytime I roll to the right, someone else is hugging up on my pillow! I have had to wake up David a few times and kindly ask him to remove his hands from THE ONE THING keeping our baby alive at night. (I'll post later about my other Oscar performance last DIRTY MINDED MEN, not that!) So, I am learning to share. I just hope he remembers how kind and generous I am come mid-April!

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Lauren said...

You need to make a cute map for Peanut and put little stars on all of the places she'll have been before she is even born! Then, she can continue to fill it up in all the years to come!!!