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05 December 2008

Attention Miss Dilettante

Dear Miss Dilettante,

I just read your 100th post, and while I tip my hat off to you for being so prolific, I feel the need to reply to your diatribe with a little rant of my own.

While I haven't complained much about this pregnancy, your update reminded me of some things going on in my body (ha! like I need any more reminder than a simple glance in the mirror). You and I are in the same boat when it comes to our hopes and dreams of being an adorable pregnant woman. When I had just found out I was pregnant, and even before, I would look at the cute round bellies of all the pregnant ladies and couldn't wait for the day to have one of my very own. Now, when I go into the baby stores or see them at the Farmer's Market, I secretly curse them. Why do their legs get to be skinny? Where is their back fat? Why does my belly look more like a beer gut and less like a home for a baby?

But, it doesn't just stop at the belly. Can someone please tell my chin that it is not 14 anymore? (The crows feet by my eyes seem to have gotten that memo!) I thought by second trimester, the hormones would level out some. I know they have to a degree because it was less worse than it was around Halloween time when I should have gone as a connect the dots page, but I'm still waiting for that "glowing skin" that is supposed to happen with pregnancy.

And, while we are at it, I wish MY arse would realize that it is not the home for the baby, although it feels as if there is ample room for quadruplets in there. And, yes, like I told you yesterday, all I want for Christmas is skinny thighs.

I haven't even started on the baby hairs that are growing around my scalp because I'm afraid to curse them as my hair dresser has told me that once I start breast-feeding I will also start to lose my hair.

And, yes, my boobs feel enormous these days too. I was still pretty much wearing a training bra before I got pregnant. The seamstress had to sew in boobs to fill out my wedding dress. I look back at those pictures and wish for the tiny ones to return because what I am carrying around (probably 1/3 of yours Jill) just seems to get in the way.

Since I've already moaned and groaned about the gas and the heartburn stage is a couple weeks away, I'll stop with my complaints.

Because I do LOVE being pregnant. And, I love this baby girl so much already. You hear mothers say they would die for their children and I know it is true already. EVERY decision I make, I think about the effect it will have on her before I make it. I want to do everything humanly possible to give her the best life she can have. So, I will take on whatever this pregnancy dishes out to me tenfold if I have to, and from now on, I'll do it with minimal complaining.

Much love to you and yours Miss Dilettante,
Amanda, her baby and her diary


Jillian said...

It's good to know that someone else shares my pains! At least you live with a health nut...I, on the other hand just live with two freaks of nature that can eat whatever they want and LOSE weight! Very hard to maintain willpower in that hostile environment.

And I have to say that you impress me much. I didn't feel crazy love for Ellie until she was like three months old. I think it will be different this time though. I hope!

Irma said...

You are young, you are beautiful. And because pregnancy is a temporary state of your life, don't short change yourself of one minute of the experience. Embrace it, laugh, and enjoy!

Lauren said...

Ok, you never wrote me back from my email this week so I was thinking "oh, see... she must be having the perfect pregnancy and nothing to rant about". I'm sorry that assumption doesn't ring 100% true. You are beautiful and right now the sheer miracle of growing a HUMAN BEING inside of your body should outweigh the longing for skinny thighs, perfect skin, and perky perfect boobies. What you are experiencing right now would be a dream come true for so many women out there and reading how much you're loving this experience and your unborn baby girl really makes my heart swell.

Marissa said...

Amanda, you ARE a cute pregnant lady. You might not see it, but I definitely saw "the glow" when you were here. I think that glow comes from how happy you are to be having your and David's little girl. You are radiant and beautiful and the fact that you are still going to the gym and working out all the time is beyond impressive to me. I can count on one hand the number of times I worked out during both of my pregnancies! You are an inspiration! :)