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29 December 2008

Magnum and his Lover

Dave and I are just about fully packed and are almost ready to leave for Puerto Rico. It has been a hectic day today with taking down our Christmas tree, putting away all of our awesome gifts, doing laundry, having a pre-Puerto Rico fashion show.... We also managed to squeeze in a workout AND order our furniture for the nursery and bought our car seat and stroller.

While we are gone, Magnum will be spending the week with his girlfriend (or is it wife now?) Gabby. He LOVES hanging out with Gabby and it is such a relief for us knowing that Magnum is in good hands with our friends Sandee and Ty. A huge thanks to the three of you for taking such good care of our baby boy while we are gone!

I'm not sure how legal this ceremony was since we performed it while Gabby's parents were on their honeymoon.

Here's a shot of the lovebirds from the last time Sandee and Ty watched Magnum. I think it was love at first sniff!


Lauren said...

Pepper is tres jealous- although I guess that's kinda creepy in an incestuous way?!

Those pics are ADORABLE, I cannot WAIT to see the pics you'll take of Peanut!

Coco Stiletto said...

It's been about an hour and no humping yet! They are cuddled up in the sun by the slider.