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22 December 2008

Cankles and a Canker Sore...thanks New Jersey!

For all my New Jersey readers out there (sorry Amy), your state is my MOST, least favorite state in the entire United States of America! And, yes, I know I just said most and least right next to each other, but I need to emphasize the extremes of the situation.

Dave and I have had a great work trip and are finally enjoying the start of our Christmas vacation...that's how I can find a few minutes to update the blog. Our trip was hectic, but the job went so much smoother than we anticipated after our initial walk-through of the campus. We were able to hang out with Kiel and Lauren a couple different times and also with Jill, Jeremy and Elsbeth on two different occasions. We had the opportunity to eat Ethiopian, Lebanese and Portugese all in our nation's capital!

We headed back to New Jersey Sunday evening and our trip took a turn south...even though we went north. We had been staying in some really nice hotels that I booked off of hotwire and got for half the typical price. Hotwire disappointed me in Jersey when our hotel reeked of cigarette smoke, the business center computers didn't work, and the room came with two extra-wide twin beds. Not to mention, it was soooo cold outside in NJ, Magnum refused to use the bathroom!

We got up at 3:45 yesterday morning to get to the airport early for our 6:40 flight back to LAX and encountered the LONGEST lines we had ever seen. I cannot describe how maddening it was in the Newark Airport trying to figure out what line went for what. We waited and waited and finally Dave ended saving the situation for us and we made our flight...barely!

After we got into LAX, we found our car and headed out to Arizona. When we finally got to my parents' house, I took a shower and looked down to discover that the lower half of my legs looked EXACTLY like my grandmother's! I HAD CANKLES, people, real life cankles. I spent two hours with my legs elevated and iced and slept with two pillows under my feet last night and miraculously woke up with my regular ankles. Now, this would not be a big deal if the rest of my body didn't feel swollen and bloated as well, but my ankles....I've always had good ankles. (I discovered that my cankles were caused because I wore socks and shoes - it was cold in New Jersey - during the entire 14 hour trip. I learned that I will NOT be doing that on our trip down to Puerto Rico next week.)

Oh yeah, and Dave started feeling the beginnings of a canker sore on the plane and by the time we got to Arizona, it was a full blown HOT MESS on his upper lip. So, we are thankful to be in Arizona where only good things happen to us!


Coco Stiletto said...

I've never been to Jersey, but they have White Castle there, so I would gladly volunteer to do an install there in exchange for hamburger. Remember that for next time.

Amanda said...

You can GLADLY go to Jersey in my place. No amount of sliders is worth it.

Thanks for sending out David's medicine - we got it this morning at breakfast. Too bad the canker sore is still the size of a nickel!

Irma said...

Lysene will help reduce the canker sore. When the enzyme is depleted in your body, you have a greater propensity to develope canker sores. Glad your ankles are back to normal.

Marissa said...

I had the most terrible cankles when I was pregnant with Mister. Oh my gosh, from my knees down it was just one big straight line. My feet were ENORMOUS and my ankles were nonexistent. Seriously, the size of my knees. I had to wear flip flops all (rainy) winter b/c none of my closed-toed shoes fit - even the sneakers! They never went down again until after he was born..... Fortunately, Pumpkin's pregnancy was totally different in that respect. Glad you got your pretty ankles back the next morning. Merry Christmas! :)

Unknown said...

Ha! I am not offended. We wrestle with living in Joisey constantly and I still refuse to believe Caroline is a Jersey girl. It is so cold here.
I got swollen ankles once during pregnancy too and it freaked me out. But you are right - need to stay off the feet a bit and drink water. I did not have socks on when I got them but I hadn't been drinking water the couple days before.